Series of 12 digital collages commissioned by LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, 2020-21 season campaign Tornare a vedere (back to see)

This untitled series sees the iris as an origin point, thus stressing the importance of vision. Developing from a single image, the practice of Sir Taki makes here a shift. On the one hand, white space gains greater breadth and significance, functioning as a common ground between the image and its beholder. On the other, the two chromatic scales build narratives that move in time and space.

The recurrent eye suggests a different feeling in each collage. Addressing the collective through the individual, the repeated eye aims to talk about the human condition. Depending on the portion that the collage shows, the eye appears tired, impassive, or even suffering. This variety of feelings establishes a peculiar relationship with the viewer, for whom it is sometimes hard to look at the eye, and yet it is difficult to stop looking at it.