17.10 - 28.11.19

Le Cabanon
Université de Lausanne, Bâtiment Anthropole
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

How much of a distance exists between the intended and unintended representation of oneself on social media and the way in which it is perceived by others?

Thanaporn is Swiss artist Sir Taki’s latest immersive exhibition, based on 2300 pictures posted on the Instagram account of a Thai woman named Thanaporn, personally unknown to the artist. Curated by Sara Artaria, this exhibition is the beginning of a reflection on the status of the image and its proliferation, highlighting its potential impact on our hyperconnected and overexposed society, particularly with regards to social media.

Sir Taki reveals his personal vision of Thanaporn’s online persona in an artistic reinterpretation created through his collages made from a selection of her pictures.

During a special event at the Cabanon art space, the first real-life encounter of the artist and Thanaporn will take place as a public conversation.

Free entry
Mo-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm


17th October 2019: Opening of Thanaporn, 6pm, Le Cabanon

31st October 2019: Meeting with Thanaporn and discussion, 6pm, Le Cabanon
«Dialogue between artistic work and the status of images on social networks»

This special event will give Thanaporn the opportunity to visit the exhibition in person and discover the work produced by Sir Taki using her images. This event will also allow Thanaporn and the artist to meet for the first time, leading to a dialogue. Their discussion will be attended by other speakers and will be conducted in English in a round table format.

28th November 2019: FAKE, closing of Thanaporn, 7pm, Le Cabanon

The dancer Manuela Bernasconi will offer a performance creating a dialogue with the exhibition. As the character of Agrado used to say in the film All about my mother by Almodóvar: “A woman is all the more authentic the more she resembles what she has dreamed of being”.