Interactive installation, 2017

Roberto investigates the notions of seeing, looking, and watching and their semantic variations through its viewer's physical involvement.

With Roberto, the viewer must experience the work in a very prescriptive manner. With this interactive installation that explores the possibilities and limitations of sight, a spyglass is available to watch a small collage that is not visible with bare eyes given the fifteen meters that divide them.

As a connecting element between the beholder and the collage, the spyglass initiates a thoughtful reflection on the necessity of isolation and active watching. Roberto challenges not only the beholder but the concept of collectivity at large. Although the collage, which measures only 14x33cm, is part of an ensemble, it withdraws from that community.

Roberto was on view from 23.03.2017 till 01.04.2017 at the collective exhibition Montagne fascinantes, cimes dérobées (Le Kabaret, Chalais, CH).